4 things to do while sleeping in a B&B in Milan near Duomo

B&B in Milan near Duomo

Duomo’s square is dynimic and lively and it is located in the centre of Milan. It offers many possibilities to who wants to visit the big city. Here you can enjoy different ways of fun: in this geometric and geographical centre, you can visit the cathedral or go shopping, you can have a walk through the milanese streets. It is also possibile to enter some museums about art, photography and you can even admire different architecture icons.

If you stay at the Luxury B&B Secondo Pensiero, we want you find out 4 things to do absolutely during your holiday !

  1. Piazza Duomo , with its rectangular form, is one of the biggest ones in Italy. It consists of the suggestive gothic front of the Duomo, of the Vittorio Emanuele II’ s statue, and of many pieces of architecture of different period, and they “work” almost as frames . The space in the square is surrounded by porticos that lean out on the gallery and they link Palazzo dell’Arengario, centre of a 900’ museum. In this museum there is a room on the last floor, where you will find a bright installation, that is probably the best point to take a picture of Piazza Duomo. In the square we notice the most important monuments of Milan. Who stays at one of the b&b in Milan in the historic centre zone, cannot miss Palazzo Reale, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Palazzo Arcivescovile.
  2. The famous Vittorio Emanuele II gallery , that links Piazza Duomo and Piazza della Scala, is considered the salon of Milan, with its popular shops, famous bars and the restaurant of Chef Carlo Cracco. Here you find many prestigious boutiques with the most renowned brands and many people claim that this gallery could be the natural pursuance of the Quadrilatero della moda.
  3. In the middle of the square and in line with the principal front door of access in the Duomo, is located Vittorio Emanuele II’s equestrian statue. That statue was realized by the sculptor Ercole Rosa on commission of Umberto I in order to remember his father. It is here since 1800 but it was collocated in the middle of the square just in 1896. That is a curiosity for many visitors who can expand their own cultural history after staying at our BeB in Milan near Duomo.
  4. What could be more iconic than the Duomo in Milan city? The church, dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, is one of the biggest ghotic chapels ever built and it is not just the symbol of the city but also the first thing you shoud visit once in Milan. Along terraces and stairways, going through spires and statues , you can see the highest reaches of the city and you can also go closer to the famous golden“Madonnina”. Inside the Duomo it is possible to go down in the subsoil of the churchyard to visit the basements of ancient churches that existed before the Duomo.



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