Discover Milan by staying in a B&B in the historic center

b&b in pieno centro storico

If you are spending a pleasant holiday in the capital of Menghino and are looking for a b & b in Milan near the Duomo, Secondo Pensiero is the place for you. the b & b is in Milan in the historic center and, thanks to its strategic position, you can easily reach the main places of interest in the city. Here are some suggestions if you are staying in a luxury b & b.

In addition to visiting the Duomo and giving in to unbridled shopping, discover the most hidden and curious corners of the city, you will be amazed by the varied cultural offer that it offers and you will have the opportunity to share the positive judgment of many Milanese docs: “Milan is a great Milan ". Asking those who know Milan, the locals, very well can make us discover the true essence of places, also telling us about their less posh nuances and what tourists often forget to visit or try before leaving it. Don't be fooled by appearances and get ready to discover the most unexpected and unforgettable Milan.

  1. Visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and don't forget the superstitious ritual of performing three turns on yourself by placing the heel of your right foot on a specific point of the mosaic that represents a bull ... let us find out which one.
  2. Take a ride in the Loggia dei Mercanti and experience the acoustic phenomenon so that speaking against one of the columns that support the arches the voice will be heard by those who will position themselves against the column opposite the loggia.
  3. For football lovers, a visit to the San Siro Stadium is a must, to see a Milan-Inter derby can be an exciting experience, even for those who are not avid sportsmen.
  4. Relax at the Sempione Park, admiring the Arco della Pace and if the weather permits, lie down on the green grass and enjoy an informal picnic.

Milan offers unexpected views and places of great interest, at first glance it looks like a "commercial city" where everyone is in a hurry, but it is absolutely not so. Staying in an original B&B you can discover all this.



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