The hidden corners of Milan if you stay in a B&B at the Duomo

beb at the Duomo

Milan to a superficial and bastian contrary evaluation may seem gray, cold and ugly. How many times have we heard this trivial consideration?

Actually, the capital of Milan is rich in enchanting places where time seems to have stopped. If you are staying in a b&b at the Duomo in Milan, Secondo Pensiero, luxury b & b, is the best solution. In fact, the b&b is in downtown Milan and, thanks to its strategic location, you can easily reach the most intimate and hidden corners of the city. Here are some places you can visit if you book a room in a luxury bed and breakfast in the center of Milan.

1) Brera botanical garden

We descend into a magical silence punctuated only by the singing of birds and the trickling of water from the fountains. Here and there - in unexpected and reserved corners - we find benches where you can stand in admiration, capture the sun rays of a spring day, read our favorite newspaper or the book we are passionate about or get lost in romantic conversations. There is also a small vegetable garden, protected by a cute scarecrow that seems to come from a fairy tale. The preserved quiet of this place is a true earthly paradise.

2) Leonardo's vineyard

In this place the vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci is reborn. We are in Corso Magenta 65, where more than five hundred years ago Ludovico Il Moro gave Leonardo a vineyard of about 8,000 square meters. To give an idea, it extended from here to Porta Romana. This is not a museum but a house - still inhabited today - and we tiptoe into the scenes of family life of its inhabitants. We walk to the bottom of the Garden of Delights, savoring every scent and every sound, caressing every nuance of color and matter.

3) The gardens of the Guastalla

The garden is adorned with high-quality plants of great value, cataloged and pampered by the volunteers of the green. Embellished with a peschierarisalente pool of the eighteenth century, with carp and goldfish that wallow regardless of the observing glances, from marble and terracotta statues and from a series of benches to carve out a peace break.

These charming places are easy to reach if you stay at Secondo Pensiero in Milan.



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