Staying in a B&B in the area of Sant'ambrogio in Milan: where spring is the most beautiful in the world

B&B in the area of Sant'ambrogio in Milan

A few warm days in the city and you can smell spring time. How is 'the magical season' in Milan? Find it out spending a relaxing holiday at B&B secondo pensiero , one of the most precious hotels in the city.

Staying in this b&b in sant'ambrogio area in Milan, you will be able to dive into art, history and culture, you will walk through ancient buildings, charming squares and beautiful monuments. And so, why not doing all that in spring and why is this season so intensive in Milan?

You can enjoy green spaces,tasting an appetizer and riding your bike!

There are plenty of green cities like those in North Europe or others very grey full of buildings and they keep being the same also during the spring. Milan is different, in winter it is more severe, in spring it becomes colourfull. It is like the plants appear from nowhere in the streets. The appetizers, invented in Milan, are even more pleasing : outdoor tables, squares full of young people ready to have fun and cocktails at sunset. The city is just perfect to go on the two wheels! While during the winter everthing is more complicated because of the smog, the traffic and the cold.

In the spring time turists increase and so the social events

We can start with the most popular event of the year: Fuorisalone, is just an aperitif made of timeless openings and theme weeks. It is not a case that in the turists number, Milan is always on the top with some european capitals, but this italian city is better thanks to its everlasting turism. You should definetelty visit Milan during all the year even if, in spring, it is much more suggestive.



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