The best hotel Milan: typical Milanese dishes

Il migliore hotel di Milano

Do you know the specialties of typical Milanese cuisine? Here are some dishes you have to try during your vacation at the best hotel in MilanSecondo Pensiero: here, in the heart of the historic center, you will find traditional restaurants and trattorias that still today offer the original recipes of the area.

Here's what to eat in Milan:
# 1 The Milan Risotto
A simple and light dish, however, has a real explosion of taste: the original version is with saffron and broth, but there are also variations of porcini, speck, fennel, capers and other ingredients that enrich it and make it even more tasty. A meal to taste for lunch or dinner!
# 2 Boiled Meat
The Boiled Meat, as its name suggests, is a simple and traditional dish, based on bred meats of various cuts, accompanied by a delicious (and delicate) broth or with mustard sauces. A nutritious dish, ideal for the coldest months of the year, especially when accompanied by a good red wine.
# 3 Ossobuco
A traditional dish that, unfortunately, is rarely offered today; however, in the center, you can still find restaurants that prepare it according to the ancient recipe, or accompanied by a tasty risotto, to create a unique nutritious dish, ideal for a day of sightseeing to the city.
# 4 Trippa at the Milanese
Finally, another meat dish, or Trippa, served in broth with a succulent salsa of the house. A typical winter specialty, well suited to the cold climate of the Lombardy city.

Come and taste the traditional specialties: book a room at the best hotel in Milan, Secondo Pensiero!



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