Stay in a B&B in Sant’Ambrogio area and discover the traditional panettone

B&B in zona Sant Ambrogio

It is impossible not to know one of the most famous italian, and not only, dessert: panettone, a tipical milanese delicacy. During your holiday in the best B&B or Hotel in Milan in Sant'Ambrogio area, you could try the real handmade panettone.

In particular, luxury B&B Secondo Pensiero in Milan, is located near the best bakeries of the city. Here, in the heart of the historic centre, you will find some places that, still nowadays, offers the original recipe of this popular sweet. Over the birth of the original panettone, the popular fantasy has created charming legends and anecdotes: let’s go back through history!

Originally this famous milanese dessert was just a big piece of bread, and in the making of it, the presence of the landlord was very important. Before the cooking, he had to engrave a cross with a knife, in sign of benediction. This big piece of bread was eaten by the family, which was solemnly reunited for the traditional Christmas ceremony of the log.

The father, or the landlord, after the sign of the cross, took a big log of oak, he put it in the fireplace, he stood under a wrapper of juniper and he turned on the fire. He poured the wine in a wine glass ,he threw it on the flames, he sipped a bit of it and then every member of the family could taste it. The father put a coin on the log that blazed and then he distributed some coins to the others.

At the end, he had three big wheat pieces of bread and ,with a solemn gesture, he cut just a small part that was kept until the next christmas. The log represented the tree of good and evil, the fire was Jesus’s redemption and the breads were the mistery of the trinity ,being ancestors of the panettone. About this ancient and suggestive tradition, just an element has come to us: the thatmaturgical power of the rests of the big pieces of bread, as panettone.



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