Milan Capital of Luxury

luxury hotel located in the center of Milan

The increasingly search for a luxury tourism is showing that the concepts of exclusivity and quality linked to travel are less and less connected to material goods and increasingly to experiences and services with added value. The tourism industry is facing the challenge of satisfying the needs of customization and market segmentation. In general, the luxury sector produces companies invoiced globally for over 1,000 billion euros a year. Europe and North America represent 64% of the area of ​​origin for luxury travel.

Italy is present on the luxury tourism market especially with a pole of great interest such as the city of Milan, a true capital of fashion and culture.International and non-international tourists appreciate Milan for its high-level hospitality capacity and the opportunity to shop for Made in Italy products and to offer luxury apartments and services.

The main activities practiced by luxury travelers are gourmet dinners, tour visits and learning new cultures. Culture, nature and entertainment follow.

In this context, the living experience and hospitality are indispensable factors for the satisfaction of the traveler.The accommodation facilities in the center of Milan accompany the trend of the search for quality, there is no lack of luxury bebs to meet the needs of customization and quality.

Secondo Pensiero is a luxury hotel located in the center of Milan, in Corso Magenta, a few steps from the most important places of interest: Piazza Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, Teatro alla Scala and the Fashion Quadrilateral. Milan could be considered a second home for travelers, between works of art and innovative design, the smallest detail characterizes every corner of the structure for a unique and unforgettable experience.



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Atmosphere and flavours to experience nature in the heart of Milan. Treat yourself to Officinali Montauto's bistrò and store, right here at Secondo Pensiero. Click here to see the menu.  

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Art & Design

Our art collection features italian artists such as Federico Luger and Alessandro Siccardi.

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