Staying in a Hotel in Milan: the 3 most romantic places in the city


Do you want to spend your vacation in Italy, looking for the best hotel in Milan in the Cadorna area? Are you looking for a place for a few days in the city center? Secondo Pensiero di Milano, luxury b & b, is the best solution: it is an exclusive design b&b located in a charming area, very close to the Duomo and other historical monuments such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Moreover, the bed and breakfast is easy to reach walking, by car, by taxi or by public transport.

Staying in a luxury beb in the historic center is ideal for a stay as a couple. There are several fascinating places to capture the "suggestive reflections" of the city. Here is the selection of the 3 most romantic places in the city, with some anecdotes to impress your loved one.

Piazza del Duomo

If you want to bring your love to what looks a bit like the roof of the world (at least the Milanese universe) this is certainly one of the most evocative and characteristic places. From its 70 meters of height, the Duomo offers a unique panorama, framed by the majesty of its 135 spiers. The Terraces have an extension of 8,000 square meters, entirely visible walking through wide spaces and corridors. Reach them on foot or by lift, with the last climb towards sunset time. Idyllic.

Via Bagnera

It is not easy to find it: hidden in the center, between Via Santa Marta and Via Nerino, there is a tiny short and narrow street, which besides, is the narrowest street in the city, this is Via Bagnera. It was known as "Stretta", while the name Bagnera derives from the public baths located there in Roman times. The street is also known for being the scene of the murders of the first serial killer of the city, the monster of Milan, which took place in the mid-nineteenth century. A narrow way and some thrills of fear: perfect ingredients to snatch a furtive kiss from your love.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 14

What could be better than a walk on the Navigli, one of the most characteristic places of the city? Go on a beautiful sunny day, as well as with the fog or in an illuminated and lingering evening in the alley of the Lavandai declaring eternal love to your him / her. This place has become a national monument and here are still the ancient wash houses, covered by a wooden structure. The laundrymen (read well: men, not the laundresses) washed the clothes by rubbing them on the brellin, a wooden box with the handle, from which the corner restaurant, which was once the grocery store that supplied them with hot water and soap.



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