Staying in a b&b in Sant'Ambrogio in Milan allows you to discover traditional Lombard dishes

platos tradicionales lombardos

Staying in a luxury b&b in Milan also means discovering the ancient Lombard culinary traditions. Everyone usually knows and talks about Milanese risotto, but what about the other typical Lombard dishes? United by the goodness of the unique products of this region, the most traditional recipes of Lombardy are the result of centuries of past domination (remember the Austrians, the Spaniards and the French) that today triumph in a series of characteristics. Here are some dishes you should try during your holiday in one of the most original b&bs in Milan, Secondo Pensiero in the Sant'Ambrogio area. Here, in the heart of the historic center, you will find typical restaurants and trattorias that still offer the original recipes of the place.

La Cassoeula

Once it was customary to cook this dish only on the occasion of the feast of Sant'Antonio Abate, on January the 17th, a party in which the poor cuts of the pig were combined with the cabbage.

The cassoeula is the "main dish" of many Lombard festivals held between October and November. Regarding the origins, the legend tells of a Spanish soldier who, falling in love with a cook, taught her the recipe for cassoeula. He tried it for the noble family he worked for and since then the dish has spread.


Everybody goes crazy and many of them go to Valtellina only and exclusively to be able to taste the renowned Valtellina pizzoccheri, a real culinary experience. This tasty delicacy has also recently obtained the deserved IGP brand from the European Union. The origin of the dish dates back to the fourteenth century, thanks to the spread of buckwheat which is its main ingredient and Teglio was the country of origin that still today pays tribute to its tradition. The main ingredients are: buckwheat for the pasta which has the form of tagliatelle, cheese, vegetables, potatoes and butter.

Milanese mustard

Born in the seventeenth century, mustard has numerous variations but remains a typical dish of this region to be accompanied with different savory dishes. Traditionally used during the Christmas period, the provincial variables are different: in Cremona it is very spicy, in Milan more spicy, in Voghera it is light and in Mantua it is made only with fried apples, honey and white wine.



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