4 things to do while sleeping in a B&B in Milan near Duomo

B&B in Milan near Duomo

Duomo’s square is dynimic and lively and it is located in the centre of Milan. It offers many possibilities to who wants to visit the big city.

Milan Capital of Luxury

luxury hotel located in the center of Milan

The increasingly search for a luxury tourism is showing that the concepts of exclusivity and quality linked to travel are less and less connected to material goods and increasingly to experiences a

The hidden corners of Milan if you stay in a B&B at the Duomo

beb at the Duomo

Milan to a superficial and bastian contrary evaluation may seem gray, cold and ugly. How many times have we heard this trivial consideration?

Staying in a Hotel in Milan: the 3 most romantic places in the city


Do you want to spend your vacation in Italy, looking for the best hotel in Milan in the Cadorna area? Are you looking for a place for a few days in the city center?

B&B and Hotels in Milan in the Sant'Ambrogio area: contemporary art perspective

Hotels in Milan in the Sant'Ambrogio area

If you are on vacation in a b & b or a Hotel in Milan, Sant'Ambrogio area, Secondo Pensiero, b & b of charm, represents the right solution.

Milan is the most visited city in Italy!

Milano secondo pensiero

Fewer than 1,5 million people live in Milan, but almost 9 million visit each year the Lombard capital, and are embraced by its dynamic, overwhelming life, full of events and beauties.



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Food & Beverages

Atmosphere and flavours to experience nature in the heart of Milan. Treat yourself to Officinali Montauto's bistrò and store, right here at Secondo Pensiero. Click here to see the menu.  

Arte & Design

Art & Design

Our art collection features italian artists such as Federico Luger and Alessandro Siccardi.

Luxury B&B Milan

Relax and discover the secrets of the city